Aerospace is the core area of our business with a well-established client base within the aviation industry. We have established ourselves as the number one manufacturer of cabin crew training simulators globally and our ever-growing client base includes the likes of Emirates Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa. Furthermore, we have a long term agreement in place with L3 Harris for the manufacture of assemblies of their Reality Seven full flight simulator.


Full flight simulator

Under an exclusive long-term agreement, we manufacture and assemble approximately 50% of the ‘Reality 7’ Full Flight Pilot Simulator for L3 Harris. This includes all composite cladding, the upper motion frame, the rear cabin enclosure, all electrical wiring harnesses and interior components. We manage a supply chain stretching from Northern Europe to India to source and assemble over 2,000 individual components for each order, with a production rate of up to one unit every two weeks. The need for a high level of quality is paramount, with tolerances on key components demanding accuracy of as little as 1 millimeter across the longest spans of the device.